Dear students, dear parents and chess-loving friends,

There's a page on this site where you can learn more about me, but what you really need to know – first and foremost – is that I love people & absolutely love my job. This is about living my passion and having an opportunity to do something meaningful and putting my skills to good use.

As a chess expert I basically have two dominant areas of expertise: coaching and teaching chess as an elective subject (both scholastically and academically). I would like to use this opportunity to nurture young players' growth and help them succeed both academically and in their chess careers.

Building self-esteem in a young person is a beautiful thing. Chess is about navigating a path to a successful and meaningful life. My hope is to spark a love for the game and keep it there in everyone's heart. Everyone has his/her own trajectory in life, but this absolutely wonderful game can be a great companion at all times.

As a person, I guess that makes me a relentless optimist.

Feel free to contact me anytime, and we can arrange a Skype meeting at your convenience.