Florida Scholastic Chess League

FSCL FISS Championship

Invitational, Top 5 teams + Top 100 USCF-ranked individuals

(TBA; Typically held in February/March: 1 day, 5 rounds)


FSCL National Chess Day Tournament (TBA; Typically held in October: 1 day, 5 rounds)

FSCL South Super Championship (TBA; Typically held in January/February: 1 day, 5 rounds)

National Scholastic Championships

Kindergarten, 1st-12th grade; Blitz K-12, Blitz K-6, Bughouse

(TBA; Typically held in December: 3 days, 7 rounds)

National High School Championships

K-12 Individual/Team Championships; U-1600, U-1200, U-800 & Unrated; Blitz

(TBA; Typically held in April: 3 days, 7 rounds)

Friendly matches and simultaneous exhibitions are expected to become a part of the Program's calendar. Our hope is to also expand our Program by creating community outreach initiatives, where our team members would be actively involved.