The main focus of Florida Elite Prep & Sports School for its high school boarding program is to prepare every student-chessplayer for the challenges of a college atmosphere. Every student is provided with the academic & athletic tools to achieve success at the next level by focusing on a holistic growth. We achieve this through our technologically advanced methodologies and unrivaled academic and extracurricular opportunities.

At Florida Elite Prep & Sports School, we build character. Our college prep, technologically advanced curriculum creates an environment that fosters collaboration, intellectual development and experiential learning. This is all accomplished in conjunction with our academic partner, Calusa Preparatory, a fully accredited college preparatory institution established for more than 35 years.

Our curriculum provides for a core-curriculum of 40 courses and 43 electives. Through our college preparatory Ignitia Curriculum, we foster a rich learning environment employing the latest multi-media technology as it provides a flexible curriculum to our student-chessplayers thereby, accepting enrollment throughout the year. From practical courses including business computer information systems to college preparatory courses such as trigonometry and world languages, students can fill out their schedules with courses that appeal to them and meet the needs they will require in the future.



Four years of secondary education are required.

At least twenty-four (24) credits must be earned through the four (4) years of secondary education. The required credits are spaced over the years so that 6 credits are required to enter grade 10; 12 credits are required to enter grade 11; 18 credits are required to enter grade 12 and to merit senior status.

  • Students are required to take six (6) courses yearly. Students who delay required courses such as P.E. and Fine Arts to senior year risk scheduling problems in senior year.
  • Students may take eight (8) classes only if space is available.
  • Only students with senior standing may graduate. Students are not permitted to graduate at the end of the Junior or midway through senior year even though most/all graduation requirements may have been met. Of the Upper School years, the senior year is the most educationally significant and requires the fullest participation possible.
  • Documentation of 120 community service hours performed from the summer before ninth grade to May 1st of senior year.

Florida Elite Prep/Calusa Preparatory Graduation Requirements

English:  4 credits, with major concentration in composition, reading for information, and literature

Mathematics: 4 credits, one of which must be Algebra 1 or its equivalent and one of which must be Geometry or its equivalent

Science: 3 credits in science, two of which must have a laboratory component and one of which must be Biology 1 or an equivalent course or a series of courses

Social Studies: 1 credit World History; 1 credit United States History; .5 credit United States Government; .5 credit Economics

Foreign Language: 2 credits; 2 must be different levels of the same language
Fine Arts/Practical Arts: 1 credit in fine or performing arts, speech and debate, or practical arts

Physical Education: 1 credit in physical education to include the integration of health .5 credit must be Personal Health and Fitness

6 credits (3 Electives must be taken in English, Math, Science, History or Foreign Language)
8 credits (3 Electives must be taken in English, Math, Science, History or Foreign Language)
TOTAL CREDITS: 24 credits

Grade Point Average: Cumulative GPA of 2.0 (or more) on a 4.0 scale