Chess Program

  • Group sessions: Monday-Friday (up to 20 hrs/week)
  • Morning sessions: 1.5 hr, Monday - Friday (IM Ivan Marković, FIDE Trainer)
  • Afternoon sessions: 1.5-2.5 hr, Monday - Friday (IM Ivan Marković, FIDE Trainer)
  • Individual sessions (optional)
  • Training games
  • Advanced level sessions & opening preparation clinics (GM Borki Predojević, FIDE Trainer)


Official Competitions

FSCL National Chess Day Tournament, National K-12 Grade Championships 7, FSCL South Super Championships, FSCL Super Championships, National High School Championship...


Housing & Transportation

  • Private mansion & Program-owned vans for team members (transportation from the Miami International Airport included)
  • Elite residential area (average commute time in Miami, FL: 30 minutes)


Program Resources & Amenities

  • Students have access to Program Library, free wi-fi, gym & swimming pool, Crossfit training and 24‑hour kitchen.