Calusa Preparatory School aims to develop the complete student-athlete. Our mission is to inspire students to become knowledgeable leaders with global vision that instills a passion for learning and nurtures character development in a disciplined and diverse community.

Choosing the right independent college/university preparatory school is a decision that should be made with ample information and deliberation. Our program provides for a technologically advanced academic college preparatory curriculum, first class room & board accommodations, a balanced nutrition and a personalized training plan designed by highly qualified professional technical personnel. With more than 50 years of combined extensive experience in developing student-athletes reach their full potential at the collegiate and/or professional level, we also have the expertise in the student visa and immigration process to study in the United States.

 Joe Cubas, President & CEO

“Our mission is to provide the right college and university for students who positively want to follow their aspirations and expand themselves as human beings“


 Ben N. Darlington, Headmaster

“We appreciate the opportunity to share in helping to build your child!”